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I am a photographer based in Tonbridge, UK. I specialise in pet portraits (indoor and out) and projects for small and large businesses.

My love of dogs started with the wonderful yellow Labrador who shared my childhood. Now our family pets are two beautiful rescue Greyhounds and a characterful Bengal cat.

My training started with black & white film photography, developing and printing. Now I work with digital tools, and have learned from masters of portrait and landscape photography in the UK. 

I love to capture the essence of the personalities of peoples’ pets through photo shoot sessions, and to deliver photographic projects for small or large businesses. 

Please see the Contact page if you’d like to enquire about...

  • An indoor or outdoor pet photography shoot, or

  • A corporate project commission.

"Am delighted to recommend Chris Jeffery's work. He instantly understood what we wanted, was brilliant with our long-haired dachshunds - and the results were absolutely spectacular. Really, could not be happier."   - Alice

“Love the photos Chris did of our two dogs. He set up a studio in our family room and had a good rapport with the dogs who were (fairly!) happy to cooperate. We now have some lovely framed prints which manage to capture the dogs’ personalities as well as their good looks! Much admired by visitors.”   - Ann

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